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Having a professional website is vital for any business, large or small. We understand this very well. With our approach, we offer a perfect way to showcase your business and instantly grab the attention of potential customers. Rootsteps has a track record of successful websites that sparkle while delivering conversions.


High-quality websites, growing as if by themselves.

Give us your website, you take the success. We love nothing more than taking over the website so that everything fits your business flawlessly. We make it exactly so it works for you and your target audience.

For all

From mini to mega - your website grows with you.

Whether you're a start-up, SME or large corporation, at Rootsteps you can always count on high-quality service and the most beautiful designs that fit seamlessly with your business. In fact, Rootsteps is passionate about working with a diversity of clients and industries. Taking on challenges and building close relationships with our clients is our strength. You don't have a website for a year, do you?


Knowledge of your industry.

At Rootsteps, we believe that every website should be unique and perfectly suited to the needs of your industry and target audience. We serve various industries including hospitality, landscaping, retail, creative, real estate, corporate, health & medical and many more.

thing people
is the website."


We are happy to be your online partner.

Now you may want to know what you get when you become a customer.

Unlimited pages

Create the way you want: complete freedom
No restrictions, continue to grow as a business
Expand the website for free

Changes to the design

We help you with every pixel
No additional charges for minor changes
Always the prettiest website in the class

Optimization for speed

You get the fastest possible website
4x per year image optimization
Fast website sells more

Search Engine Optimization (Standard)

Optimization for findability with Google
We set up Analytics and Tag Manager
4x per year monitoring and reporting

No-code client support

Updates without you having to go into the website
Special feedback tool for changes
An update every 2 weeks

Remote specialists

4 times a year free consulting
Videos on progression and opportunity
Capitalize on growth opportunities, invest in your website

Website features & components

Anyone who wants to have a website created must have thought about this. Fortunately, you get standard access to these features and components from Rootsteps. Find out which ones you want to use below!


What customers say about us

At Rootsteps expectations are exceeded, people think along with us and work ahead. We were looking for a reliable partner to perfectly display our brand experience. Through the cooperation with Rootsteps, a display has been realized that is in proportion to the quality of our products. We are proud of the realized material configurator with AI technology that allows customers to "digitally" test our products themselves.

René Visser


During the entire process of updating, transferring and designing our website, the contact was pleasant. The design fits exactly with our wishes and we have already received many new requests through the website! They think along with us, keep in touch and help us with the further design. Super thanks for the pleasant cooperation, for now and the future.

Marcella Veringmeier

Hovenier van der Heijden

We are very satisfied with Rootsteps. They think along with you, apply their creativity and expertise and that results in a super nice website that expresses what we want! The personal contact is something Rootsteps excels in!

Linda den Boer

The Lemon Spirit
The options

Customization or a template

Everyone has their own priorities. To realize your ideal website, we'd like to know what works well for you: a standard website, orcustom geendesign?


per month1
from €84

Template designs are faster and more economical to implement because they have already been built and tested. They offer you the speed you need especially in the beginning versus a custom design and are the perfect option for businesses with limited requirements, budgets and time. Fast online? Stop searching, we'll take care of this for you:

Professional design out-of-the-box
Gradual launch, v.a. 6 weeks
Excellent performance, fast load times
Reliable: automatic backups
No complicated integrations
Fast launch, ~2 weeks

Custom design

per month1
from €230

A custom design offers more flexibility and control over the look and functions of the website because the design can be fully customized to your specific business needs and brand identity. This provides a unique user experience and allows your business to stand out even more from competitors:

Everything handmade, customized, unique
Fast online, within 6 weeks.
3 monthly optimizations
Automatic backups and monitoring of data.
Sublime third-party integration capabilities
Gradual launch, v.a. 6 weeks